A few weeks ago as I was revising for my global business management exam I decided that I should pay Zara a visit as that sounded a bit more fun than reading all sort of facts about the company. Before you think I am nuts, I am aware that it was the least useful tactic I could have adopted. Of course, by now you must have realised that it was all an excuse to leave my house and go for a walk which in my world usually translates into going shopping. Okay, my mom also wanted the home fragrance I was using at the time as a gift for Christmas, so I did have a real reason to go. However, I have a flair for the dramatic especially at this time of the night.

As I was inside their store, I could not help but notice the new shiny bottles of eau de toilette that were neatly organised near the counter. So as the perfume enthusiast (re: obsessed) that I am, I had to give them a try. The one that caught my eye the first time was the Cuir Velvet which is also the one I ended up buying. Apparently, it is the one that most people end up buying. However, some of the others also smelled really nice, but this one contains the notes that I usually go for in my fragrances.

The sleek, simple glass bottles are simply gorgeous and reminiscent of Christian Dior boutique perfumes. They are after all fast followers…The glass bottles definitely add to the product and make it seem like a boutique perfume. I am not going to get into the reasons why a company such as Zara would choose to create an eau de toilette through their home chain. I do find it slightly strange, but it somehow works. My favourite feature of the bottle is however the cap which is magnetic. I find it useful as it slides into place and makes it a bit more difficult for it to come off when traveling.

As for the product itself, the quality is worth the price. The product is priced at around 30£ which is fair for a 100ml bottle of quality fragrance. The scent is quite strong and stays on for a very long time. One of the T-shirts that I took home during the holidays had some of the product sprayed on it and now my entire bag smells like Cuir Velvet. When I say long lasting, I totally mean it and in more than one sense. Because the scent is so strong, it will take me a long while to finish the bottle. As for the scent itself, it smells really nice, however it might come across as more manly. Personally, I think it is uni and that it adds a note of my story to the person wearing it, but that is up to each one of you to decide. It is probably the least feminine scent you could come across, so keep that in mind.

Cuir Velvet is definitely a bold choice, but a certain way to make a statement. 

Have you tried any of Zara’s fragrances before?