The Works is one of my favourite shops and has been ever since I discovered it for the first time during my only visit to Birmingham. The first time I stepped inside I had no idea what to expect, but it quickly become one of my favourite stores due to their products or better yet, the nature of their products and of course their prices. The Works carries a wide range of stationary – they have everything from notebooks, to notepads and pens, pencils and even paints and DIY materials. On top of that, the store also carries books. Their book section is not as diverse, but you can find some of the most popular titles at a fraction of the price which is always good.

While this shop is without a doubt one of my favourite ones, sadly I do not get to visit it that often or as often as I would like. Maybe that is a good thing or maybe not, depends on how you look at it. As far as I know, in London there is one shop, next to the Westfield in Stratford, however that is quite far away from me so I only go there once per term.

As I had to celebrate surviving an entire week of exams in some way, we went shopping because what better way to do it is there, right? I did not get many tings, but left with a few goodies.

Got two A4 notebooks with white paper inside. I absolutely love these notebooks and each time I go there I try to find one. They are perfect for notes and ideas, but also for planning blog posts and writing down information or tips I learn along the way. They are basically my brain dump place. If I am not mistaken, each notebook was 3£.

I also got two books from their Winter sale. I honestly had no idea they even had sales, probably because I could not imagine finding something at a lower price than their usual. I got each of these books for 1£.

the works

I got a smaller notebook for school or to use in planning my third and last dissertation, at least at UG level. I had a similar notebook for my previous dissertation and it proved to be so useful that I simply had to go and get another one.

Also, I got those coloured brush pens. I thought they were something else, similar to something I have seen in art shops, but it’s fine. A girl can never have too many colours. They were 2£ I think.

Last, but not least I got a set of sticker notes. Who does not love sticker notes? They were just so cute with the owls on them :).

I truly love the fact that they come in so many colours and in such an accessible format. The bookish design is also pretty useful as it helps you carry it around without having to worry about losing them or ruining them. The whole set was 1.5£.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my latest trip to The Works. I cannot wait for the end of spring to go again!

Have you ever shopped at The Works? Also, what is the last piece of stationary that you bought?