QVC is slowly becoming one of my favourite places to shop. The teleshopping thing the have going on was never my sort of thing and since I grew up outside the UK, I had never heard about the company until recently, however I am glad that I did (finally). Teleshopping can be quite addicting as we have seen in many TV Shows over the years, but with a bit of self control and making sure you know how to talk yourself out of many easy pay (instalment pay) purchases you are good to go. It is quite tempting, I just talked myself out of buying the BaByliss Pro Curler. I wanted one ever since they came out, but do I really need one? It would be great to have an easier way to do my curls (which I totally suck at btw), however I know I would end up using it only a few times per year which to the business person I am supposed to be makes no sense.

However, QVC has something amazing that it is worth buying every time and that is the Tili Box. The Tili Box is not a subscription beauty box, it is more like an one off purchase. There are several boxes per year, but you can choose which to buy or if you want to get one to begin with. There is no commitment and that is great for your wallet. If you do want to get one, you need to act fast as they sell out in a short period of time. You cannot blame people for buying them so fast, especially after you see what they contain. The content is, of course, different each time, but the Tilt Box always includes high quality products that you can then buy in a full size from QVC. These products are sometimes even part of an offer, so you might to keep your eyes open for those if you do decide to get the full version of something after trying it out from Tili.

This is actually my second box and now I am a bit disappointed with myself as the box just recently sold out and I took to long to review it. However, I still wanted to show you what the box contained so that you at least know about it before the next one comes out, if you haven’t learnt about it already, that is.


As you can see above, the size of the products is really generous and the number of products as well. The box was priced at 20 pounds only and it has a value of around 100 pounds. That is amazing! Furthermore, like the name suggests – the actual name of the box meaning- “Try it, Love it”, this is a great opportunity for you to try some really nice products that you might have not experienced before.

tili tili

Personally, I have seen some of these products before and have had an interest in purchasing a few, but like always I was a bit apprehensive to spend a small fortune on a full size product only to end up hating it afterwards. I was really happy to see some of them included in this Tili box, especially the Rituals shower gel as I love the scent of other products from the same range and their quality of course, but also a new generous sample of Shay and Blue Perfume in a scent that I never had the pleasure of actually wearing to see whether I would love a bigger size.

In short, you should definitely keep your eyes open for when the new box is announced and then decide whether it is something you would enjoy. I definitely recommend the box and I am sure that this is going to be just one of many that I will buy form QVC. In the near future, I will try to review as many of these products as I can, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the Tili Box?

*featured image credit: QVC