It is the beginning of November and retailers started bombarding us with gifts with purchases offers. It seems that once again I have to postpone telling you all about the advent calendars that I have been collecting for the past couple of months. I do have a good excuse though, you need to find out about the Space.NK Apothecary gift with purchase while the offer is still valid.

First things first, if you want to get your hands on the gift, you need to move fast. Surprisingly this offer is still available, but I am pretty sure that by the time I receive the next ones in the mail so that I can take some photos, they will be over. That being said, this is not the first time Space.NK ran one of these offers, I have seen around one per season during this past year. No pressure to purchase this one in fear of missing out. I haven’t bought the other ones and I do not regret it one bit. To be completely honest, I was not sure about this one either, but usually the Christmas offers seem better and you have better excuses to buy something *wink. Also, in my case, this might be the last Christmas I spend in London or the UK. After making the purchase, I felt ready to cancel the order as I felt bad about spending over 250 pounds – the minimum spend you need in order to quality for the offer – however, I decided too late. It is all good though, I truly wanted to get the products I ended up ordering for a very long time, but I was reluctant to make the investment. Yes, I do consider it an investment.


The actual gift consists of 12 crackers filled with 1,2 or 3 products and one paper crown. In total you get 26 beauty products that are mostly skincare and many of them are anti-aging. Please do not ask me about the crowns, someone from the UK is more qualified to fill you in. I haven’t actually attended any Christmas dinners in the UK so I am not exactly sure about the entire story behind the crowns. The crackers are truly beautiful and if you decide that you do not want to keep the gift, they are perfect to give away. Also, you could decide to give away some of the products that you do not like as much or the ones that you already have and put them back inside the crackers.


Besides the crackers, you also get a gift card worth 50 pounds which I already put to good use. The gift card is valid till Christmas, however I did not want to wait as strangely enough the one product, the product for which I decided to make the purchase in the first place, was out of stock when I placed the order and was back in stock the moment I received the initial order. The offer is honestly becoming better and better as you also get the usual N.dulge points which are enough for at least a 10 pounds voucher. I said at least, as it depends on how much you actually spend. You get 1 point per pound and for 100 points you get a 5 pounds voucher.

Is it a great gift? Yes, it is. It might not be the best offers on the market, but it is definitely one of the best and much better than the advent calendars, including the luxury ones as you get a gift worth more than 300 pounds plus 250 pounds worth of products that you get to choose.

What do you think of this Space.NK offer?

(Update: The offer is no longer valid)