So once again I am freaking out about starting school in the near future. More so this year than ever before; I will be at a new school for my postgraduate studies and I had to abandon the comfort and safety of my previous neighbourhood. However, things like these (see below) are what make me feel a bit calmer and a lot more excited. There is just something great about stationary, especially in the fall when everyone is getting ready to go back to business. It makes one feel more prepared and ready to tackle whatever life, work or schools throws at them, don’t you think? It surely helps me.

I never actually shopped at Skinny Dip before, but I had my eyes on their products for years now. I tried once, I really tried and the reason I did not does no longer matter. Rest assured that it had absolutely nothing to do with the brand or the quality of their products.

Skinny Dip Wishlist


skinny dip

Goal Digger List Pad – £4.00

Rose Gold Pen Pack – £8.00

skinny dip

CBA Sticky Notes Pack – £6.00

Ombre Notes Pack – £6.00

skinny dip

Take Note Bitches Pad – £4.00

Pink Holo Pencil Pack – £6.00

Hustle Hard Notebook – £12.00

As you can see I do have some control. I don’t want to get every single stationary item they have to sell, just in case you were wondering after seeing my latest hauls. True, stationary is my love, but I have some limits. The sticky notes might be a few too many, but considering how I often I have been reaching for them lately, I am pretty sure it will be alright. Hope the items will still be in stock in a couple of weeks once I am back in the UK, but considering the time of the year and how gorgeous they are, I need quite a lot of luck for that to happen. My recommendation is that if you truly want something, then go and get it or order it online, whichever works for you.  What do you think of this curated collection from Skinny Dip? Anything that caught your eye? 

Ready to start living a more organised life?

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