Noooo! Why did it have to end? I want more, I need more, I crave more! Seriously, this is one amazing piece of writing and I am sure you will love it if you loved Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel Inferno. 

Did you see what I did there? Well, I mentioned the other book because this one is really similar to that one from many points of view.

First of all, the action takes place at the same Canadian university. While reading this book I felt like I learnt more about the people attending that university. It seems like slowly we will get to know everyone’s story. This book felt like another piece of a puzzle.

Secondly, the writing style is so similar. The elegance of the words and of the classy writing style are what make this book worth reading. It is something that most other books lack, despite being well written they cannot compare.

In addition, the story is a tiny bit similar, but for the first time in my life it did not bother me. I actually enjoyed that fact. The plot is similar, but also the inclusion of cultural references. This book, as well as Gabriel’s Inferno, is full of literary references which make this book more than just a lovely romantic story and turns it into a culture lesson.

I absolutely loved both main characters. Aubrey is extraordinary. I cannot believe she can be this foul mounted girl one second and a well raised young woman the next. To be honest, I can not see myself in her position. I do not believe that I will be ever capable of seeing my professors more than just my professors, no matter how they look like or how smart they are. This is me, but I do not judge her for falling in love with her superior. I am confident that it can truly happen and I honestly have nothing against it even though it is frown upon. In these days when people your age or close to your age are teaching your course, there is a great chance of something like this happening. I might contradict myself a little bit, but love is a feeling that you can not control. You either feel it or you do not. What you can do is set your mind frame and not go there…So, anyway, Aubrey represents everything I think a young woman should be. I admire her principles, her way of living her life. This being said, it is impossible for me not to have enjoyed the book.

Daniel is a bit strange. I feel like there is a lot about him that we do not really know or learn in this book. For some reason, it is not like in other books I’ve read. This time I feel like nothing we can uncover about him can change my opinion of him. He made an impression. From his interactions with his family, with his friends, with his students, with his superiors we can tell a lot about his character and personality. Most of his qualities are admirable and I can wholeheartedly say that he would be a good role model for any young man that would dare get his hands on this book.

In conclusion, you should by no means ignore this amazing and fulfilling piece of writing.

From me: 4/5