Charlotte Barnes believed her life was perfect until a betrayal forced her from everything she knew and loved. Devastated and trying to put the past behind her, Charlotte sought a new life in a new town.

Now, five years later, her fiancé has convinced her it’s time to return home and face her past. But will the truth she learns and the people she reconnects with destroy her carefully crafted happiness?

Hannah Downing has created an emotional rollercoaster about lost love and the way one indiscretion can change the course of your life. Charlotte questions every decision she’s ever made, but she may discover that when you lose everything, you can truly find yourself.pieces of us

My opinion:

I loved this book, just as I predicted. This one used to be a fanfic as well…yeah, I know, I have been reading a lot of pulled fanfiction lately. I hope it doesn’t bother you!

The plot is not very complex, but this time I not complaining. This book is about feelings, about betrayal, hope, fear and most of all love.

This story is very well written, at least it is in my opinion. I was able to connect with Charlotte – the heroine in a way I haven’t done it before. I could feel her heartache like it was my own. I could see myself going thought everything she went through.

Until reading this book I couldn’t  imagine myself forgiving someone for cheating, but for the first time, through Charlotte I could see myself doing that. I guess, sometimes the moment is just not right for a relationship. People change as they grow up, they mature, they start wanting different things, but that does not mean they will never find each other again. It’s not unheard of to fall in love for the second time with the same person. Those two kind of loves are different, but in the end they are the same. The first one is an immature and impulsive one, but the second is a mature one and a lasting one.

Charlotte has to make one of the hardest decision someone could ever make: she has to choose between her past and her future. Since she left so suddenly she left a lot of things unresolved. I am not blaming her since I probably would have done the same thing. I would like to think that I would have stayed and talked about it, but I am not sure I would have. I am really glad for her that she found Owen, whom I really believe she loved. But no two loves are alike. There is your first love, your true love etc.

Facing your past after so long has to be extremely difficult. All those feeling coming back at once must be overwhelming. Having to admit that there are two in a relationship, not just one especially when it comes to who’s to blame is hard to do. It’s easier to blame someone else than to blame yourself.

Charlotte has to choose between her secure relationship and a new one that is very frightening because it requires trust and forgiveness. It is very hard to trust someone after they broke your trust once.

But is it worth living your life with someone you care about than to take a risk and have a chance of living it with the one you are meant to be? It is in human nature to make the safe choice, but usually at some point you start regretting it. You start wondering what could have happened if …I like to believe that if or when the time comes I will be able to make the right choice.

‘Seeing’ that look on Cameron’s face really broke my heart. You know…the look when you realize that it’s over for good. The moment you realize that because of your mistakes you lost everything and you have no way of getting it back. The moment when Cameron realizes there is no way back and that he has to pay the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life is heartbreaking for the reader. 

Sometimes you have to let go and accept that it’s over…

You have to let everything go and start over and maybe fate decides to make a move and everything changes again in the blink of an eye and you might just find your happily ever after.

The cover is beautiful, simple and elegant and extremely fitting for this story. It’s like each petal is a piece of their life which in the end combine perfectly and form something beautiful – a rose.

I recommend reading this book even though is different from my usual reads. I recommend this one because it is more than a simple novel, it is a short life lesson.

From me: 4/5 

What do you think you would have done in Charlotte’s place?