Everyone needs a good moisturiser. That is a fact. However, not all of us are happy using the same one and again that is perfectly normal as we have different skin types and different needs. Finding the perfect moisturiser is no easy task with so many options out there, but I always seem to turn back to the basics when I cannot find a moisturiser that fits my needs and for me that is Nivea.

In my short life, I tried various moisturisers, from various brands, with different ingredients, but the best one I found is the normal skin Nivea Moisturizing Day Care . Interestingly enough this was my first ever moisturiser, not that you really needed to know this little fact. I am not naive enough to think that this product will always be enough, but I am going to push it for as long as I can as it is the best moisturiser I have ever tried. The small jar of face cream is highly effective, filled with high quality product and yet quite affordable. It doesn’t get any better than that!

 You want to know what the best part is? The Nivea Moisturizing Day Care cream  makes for a very good makeup base. Just to make myself clear, I am only talking about the normal skin one. I tried another one when I convinced myself that I had a different skin type and it definitely did not help my makeup. Don’t ask! It was during a time when I did not know any better. Going back, the normal skin one is absolutely great to use under your makeup. It makes your foundation easy to apply and it does not make it look patchy or anything. I used it so many times as a base, especially before I knew what a primer looked like and what it did. Now, I still use the cream as a primer even though Nivea did came out with a product that wants to be some sort of moisturizing primer. Furthermore, the cream also offers sun protection which is great.

Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about it, especially now that they changed the jar. That might have been a little something to pick on, but not that important. The previous jar, even though it allowed you to scrap even the last bit of cream from it, was a bit heavy due to the material it was made of. This new and improved jar is much lighter and more travel friendly. There isn’t a huge difference, but when you are packing your entire closet, even a few grams matter. The other fact that I am quite sad about is that I won’t be able to use this product for much longer as I am growing older and my skin needs will also start changing quite soon. It was definitely the best friend a teenage girl could have and even someone in their early twenties, such as myself.

Overall, this product is without a shadow of a doubt worth every penny and it is definitely a great option for someone who never used moisturiser before. Personally, I do recommend using it, as long as it feels comfortable on your skin. This specific product is address to people who have a normal skin type, but the range includes products for other skin types and the brand also carries moisturiser that meet other skin concerns.

Have you ever tried this Nivea Moisturiser? What products do you like from Nivea?

*NOT a sponsored post. The product might look differently in different countries.