The award-winning debut in the Highland Legend Series:

Isobel MacInnes wakes up in present-day California, lunches in medieval Scotland, and by ten days’ end, falls in love with a man and his country, only to lose them in a heart-wrenching twist of fate . . .

Found in the arms of her second soul mate . . .

Forced to balance the delicate strands of time between two millennia . . .

Shocked by revelations rewriting the very foundations of history . . . of everything.

Isobel, a rising-star archaeology student, is dropped into two ancient worlds without warning . . . or her permission. Her fiery spirit resists the dependency thrust upon her. Amid frustration at her lack of control, she helplessly falls in love. Twice.

She struggles to adjust to the unimaginable demands of two leaders of men—a laird in the thirteenth-century Highlands and a Pict chieftain in a more ancient Scotland. Isobel transforms from an academic, hell-bent on obtaining archaeological recognition, to a woman striving to care for those she loves, and ultimately . . . into a fearless warrior risking everything to protect them.

My opinion:

I know this is not the type of book I usually read, but I have to be honest here and tell you that I’ve been reading similar stories but as fanfiction. I knew I wanted to read this one from the moment I read the synopsis and I am really glad that I did.

Despite having read multiple stories such as this one, this particular one is full of twists and turns that make it unique. This book took me by surprise several times which is unusual for me, but that is one more reason why I recommend reading it. This is the type of book that will keep you guessing till the end, it won’t bore you, you will not want to stop reading it.

I admit that in the beginning (first chapters) I was a bit unsure if I would like it or not, it took me a while to get used to the writing style for some reason, but after I got into it I was unable to put it down.

I loved Isobel and how smart she was, but there was a moment that I really despised her even though I should’t have. It took me a while to understand her situation, but in the beginning I was so Team Iain that I could not see clearly. She is independent and manages to do hings that most would find impossible such as teach someone to communicate in her language. She is quite adaptable to different situations which is a rare quality. Most people despise change or they have a bit of difficulty getting accustomed to it. No matter how rational I am, I am pretty sure that I would have not reacted well in the beginning if I had been in her place.

Iain in my opinion was Isobel’s perfect match. He was able to adapt to her world, but I guess that was normal in the end. Anyway, he was a great guy with faults and that made him more human. I won’t tell you more about him – go meet him!!

The story as a whole is well written and well developed. The whole idea behind it is brilliant and that makes the book worth reading. I loved how original it was and how it made the reader understand better the time and place the action was taking place. The reader is able to become part of that world through the usage of specific language and with the use of detailed descriptions.

From me: 4/5