Unrestricted access to Amazon and boredom? Usually a lethal combination. However, not always. A few weeks ago I was browsing the asian beauty/make up offerings on Amazon ( for not reason whatsoever) and I kept going from one item to another until I reached a lip kit.

The product was offered in only a few shades, all beautiful and the price was very attractive at just 2.44£. I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to try it just once. At the time I was not longer paying that much attention to be honest, plus I was convinced that I would never get my hands on the parcel from China anyway. I was wrong. Last week my little parcel (that I forgot about) arrived in my mailbox. To say the least, I was surprised to find a (fake) Kylie Cosmetics lip kit.

When I placed the order I did notice that the packaging was similar, but failed to see the Kylie logo on the product. It was the end of a very long and stressful day so I was just aimlessly browsing as a form of retail therapy. Do I regret making the purchase? Definitely not.

While I feel weird about getting a fake product, the lip kit is surprisingly good. I would say that the product is amazing rather than just good. I cannot help but feel surprised as just how great these imitation have gotten in the past few years. The packaging is nearly identical and the materials used feel the same as well. It is so weird!

Having tried the original Kylie lip kit in Candy K from my friend Vee, I am in shock at just how similar the products are. Before writing this review, I checked to see the reviews of the product (which I did not bother reading before) and I noticed that while most people were happy, some were disappointed. However, I am going to talk about my personal experience with the product while addressing some of the comments I read as well.

The lip pencil is of really great quality on the outside and the inside is just as good. The pencil slides easily on your lips and covers them in a moderately pigmented colour. I really like the fact that is soft and not hard as some other product out there. Then again, I guess that is how it is supposed to work considering that it is meant to cover your entire lips and it is not just for conturing.  The shade I picked is Candy K (apparently) and as a result the crayon is not really one I would wear without the lipstick on as it is similar to my natural lip colour.

The liquid lipstick is pretty great as well. The colour is pigmented and the applicator makes the product easy to apply. It also smells really nice – vanilla maybe? It definitely reminds me of the original one. Even though the container is fuller than the real thing ( you all probably know about the controversy around that), it is not 100% full either. Did they try to imitate that as well? Who knows. The lip colour does not come off during the day, so if I do not eat or drink anything I can go without reapplying the product close to 10 hours. The product is a bit drying, but not uncomfortably so and no more than your usual liquid matte lipstick. The only weird thing about it and the biggest drawback is that even after it dries it feels a bit sticky. I can get used to the feeling, but not sure if everyone would.

Overall, while I do feel uncomfortable with the fact that I ended up buying a fake product (without even realising) I love the lip kit. It might not be the real thing and maybe I should just throw it away, but I did not get it with the intention of using it as something to replace the real deal so on this occasion I will keep it. The product looks amazingly good on my lips and the colour is really beautiful. I agree that it was slightly irresponsible of me and out of character to order it the way I did, but it turned out better than expected.

I know that as someone studying business I should consider the implications of the fact that this product is nearly identical to the original one ( the only difference I noticed is just the small label on the bottom of the container), but I would rather not. However, it does make me wonder if I will ever consider buying an original Kylie lip kit ever again… something to think about.