Blogging is a big deal right now as you all well know, but only lately I became more involved in the community and that made me realise that I never actually talked about the reason why and how I even became a blogger, so here it is.

It was 2011 and for the first time in my life I did not know what I wanted as everything changed quite unexpectedly. As per usual I turned to the beautiful fictional worlds depicted in books. One day I had no idea what to read next and that is how I ended up stumbling upon my first book blogger. Fast forward to mid 2012, one day in May was when I realised that I should do it, I should become a blogger, specifically one writing about books. At the time I was reading one book per day so what did I have to lose? A lot of content was just waiting to be written. A few hours later I pressed “post” for the first time.

Now that I read it, it sounds so easy, but it wasn’t. Between making the decision to get started on this path and pressing that button, I had to put a bit of thought in choosing the right platform. I knew that this time was for real, that I was really going to do it and not give it up so choosing the perfect platform to make it easier for me to blog was essential. Having brief past experience with Blogger, the platform of choice was, but more on that in my next post.

I might have started because I needed an outlet, a place to rediscover myself, but I kept going because of the many benefits this activity brings. I am not taking about monetary or similar benefits; that was never the reason I wanted to blog. Blogging helped me improve my writing skills, made it much more easier for me to find my words when writing a school assignment, but even from the beginning I started meeting a lot of amazing people who share my interests and do not judge. Finding people like that does not happen often, not in real life. Maybe the reason why is because they are also sitting in the fluorescent light of their screens, some if not most of them also blogging.

This is it, this is how and why I decided to become a blogger. It might not be the glamorous story you thought you would read or maybe wanted to read, but it is the truth.

Let me know if you enjoyed reading this and if you are a blogger feel free to share your story in a comment below. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning. Soon will follow a series of post about the things I learnt as well as some advice I wish I had when I started blogging.