Superfoods are trending at the moment, but the one that is in the lead is Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil has many uses: from the traditional use in cooking to hair and skin care. However, there is another use for coconut oil, one that has been practised for centuries, yet it has become a trend only recently along with the rise of the superfoods. That use is for oil pulling.

Oil pulling is a folkloric remedy that is said to improve oral hygiene and help achieve a whiter smile. While there might be quite a large number of papers that show the benefits of coconut oil in different areas of healthcare, there is no much evidence to prove that oil pulling is as effective as some claim.

Trends come and go, but still oil pulling has been practised for a very long time which is why I decided to give it a try myself.  First of all, I attempted to use regular, supermarket coconut oil. While I started noticing some positive changes, it was definitely not for me.  Swishing or holding oil for 10 to 15 minute was extremely difficult , especially since I could feel the texture and the taste of oil in my mouth. Some might be able to do it, but I surely couldn’t.

After having seen results with regular oil, but knowing that I could not continue I started researching alternative methods and that is how I found OSHUN White.

OSHUN White is an oil pulling product with a twist. They add flavours to the little packs of oil. Honestly, that was the main reason why I wanted to try it. They sell the product with four different flavours and you can pick whichever you believe might be best for you. After getting in touch with the brand, I received my pack in exchange for an honest review, but luckily I got to choose the flavour. Initially, I was tempted to go with cherry as I love the fruit, but in the end I picked spearmint as that is the flavour I am most familiar with when it comes to deal hygiene.

The little  flavoured packs worked a lot better for me than regular oil did. While I can still taste the oil on my tongue, the flavour makes it easier to use and thus enabling me to try the method for longer periods of time and actually see results. After using all 14 little packs one box contains I was able to see a slight whitening of my teeth. If you have white teeth you won’t see that much of a difference, however you will feel the interior of your mouth to be cleaner and your teeth as well. It is a strange feeling in the beginning, but my teeth are cleaner than ever before. White it does not replace the need for brushing, it definitely helps and makes it easier to remove all, if any, particles and bacteria that has no place in your mouth.

OSHUN White comes in a beautiful sleek white box, I was honestly impressed with the design of the box as well as with that of the content. I know that the exterior should not count as much, but I agree with some tech giants who do believe that user experience is increased by such detail. It just adds that little something that makes you more excited to open the box. It is also a plus for the company from my point of view; it shows that they care about the little things. The oil is also beautifully packed. However, the fact that the product is just as good as the design is what matters most.

Overall, OSHUN White is a great product, one that you should definitely try at least once and see if it is for you. You can use the product on a continuous basis, according to the brand. Personally I probably will use just one box every month or so.

In addition to the oil, I also got to try their copper tongue cleaner which I found to be a great addition to my oral care routine. The material is smooth and it does not scratch my tongue. Furthermore copper is well known for its antibacterial properties and the tongue cleaner is very easy to use and maintain.

OSHUN White might not the most affordable option on the market, but the price is worth for the results. Not convinced yet? Find out for yourself: link (sponsored link).

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