You might remember that I am absolutely in love with the Swedish brand created and built by Kristina Karlsson, if not here is a reminder. For that reason my stationary addict self is over the moon right now. The moment is finally here – time for summer sale at kikki.K!!

The store does have some smaller sales throughout the year, however none compare to the summer or winter ones. These are simply amazing and for that reason, ever since I placed a huge order right after Christmas, I have been looking forward to this moment. That was sad, wasn’t it? No worries, I do have a life :). However, stationary makes me so happy. Getting off track here, sorry about that. kirkuk

My point is that if kikki.K stationary is totally worth it, however unless you want an item and you don’t want to risk it by waiting till sale time or there is an emergency then yes, do get it. Otherwise, I do recommend waiting for the sale.No matter how pretty the stationary is, it is not worth as much money, at least in my opinion.

My advice: go for the sale items! I just paid 43£ instead of 92!!! I basically saved more than 50%. Okay, some of you might say that I could have saved more (or all), but my stationary addiction would not let me, plus it is my birthday next week so I am allowed to indulge a little bit.

Here is my haul, if you are curious. Do let me know if you decided to go and pick up something yourself.  The only sad part is that they did not have one of their collections, one that come out in March, on sale as I am totally in love with it. The items I want are like 24£ each so that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon…hopefully in winter they will still have them.

kikkik kikkik kikkik

I bought a series of notepads as I recently discover that it is so much fun to use them for my to-do lists and also three journals. They also have the 365 day journals in stock, however I already have another one prepared for next academic year. The pens by the way, are to die for. The five in the pack ones are my favourite pens and I have been using similar ones since January and also used them in all my exams. They are definitely worth the money (on sale or otherwise).

What do you think? Do you have you sight set on something from Kikki.K? Do let me know in a comment below.

*This is NOT an AD. I wanted to share this as all of you deserve the chance to get something pretty at an amazing price.