October, October it’s been interesting to say the least, but I am more than glad to see you gone! It has been a month of apparent new beginnings, of trying to do things differently and as predicted it backfired terribly. This past month had some definite highs which almost, almost make up for the bad, but now it is time to go back to the start and do things my way.  I am a fighter dammit and I will fight till the end – this is my motto for November. More on that later though, here are the songs that inspired me and helped me make it past October.

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The following two songs are from Southpaw, the movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams among other great names. They definitely reminded me of who I am and what I want to do. The songs are not exactly my style, quite far from it, but I found them quite motivating as well as the movie which I will review soon.

I have no idea where this one is from, but it is one of my commute songs or it was for October.

This one is not new and you probably know it already, but again a commute song for me which I added a couple of days ago to my playlist and I do not regret it.

The following song is just one that a friend sent me that I liked and wanted to share with you.

Last, but not least a song that started playing in Apple Music, but one that I knew where it was from the second I heard it. It was quite bizarre considering that I had not listened it to it before, but everything about the song screamed 007 and Mr Bond and I go way, way back.

What were your October songs?