Can you believe it? It almost Christmas! Personally, I cannot wait for the holidays and to go home even if that means revising for 5 exams in just 3 weeks. It is a challenge, but one that I will gladly take on. Honestly, I am glad November is almost over. It’s been way too long. Deja-vu… As I sit here writing this post, I had some sort of flashback. Weird!

I love November, but this one seemed like it was never going to end. I feel like I have been to hell and back and then got run over by a elephant a few times. It has been exhausting. I am grateful for many things, but I also got to see things I never thought would happen (and they were not necessarily good).

I won’t bore you with too many details, well at least not before I am truly ready to talk about it all and about the lessons I learnt from those experiences. For far I am truly enjoying business school and the whole environment which is quite different from anything I have seen before. As I am currently revising the material, I realised that made I should try and apply the concepts to the blog. This is just a thought though, as this blog was never meant to be a business venture, but a way to connect with people who enjoy the same things as I do. We will see, but rest assured that no matter what happens, the posts will remain honest and probably just as, if not more quirky than ever.

Also, do you have a guide on how to properly use a DSLR? 🙂

November’s songs