Some of you might have tried to access the blog over the weekend and noticed that it was down or maybe you just decided to pay a visit and noticed that many things are a bit different and that others are missing. Well then,  I hope that I can explain why that is.

  1. I moved hosting platforms and the moment the move was complete, the site went offline.
  2. Moving the site to a new hosting service meant starting from scratch.
  3. The posts were exported from the previous website before it went down, but the pictures were all lost.

That is basically what happened. Once I realised that the photos were not there, I had to take each post one by one and add new photos which is why some of the posts have photos that might look unfamiliar to those of you who have been here for a while or went through the archives. However, some of the posts do have part of the original photos. The emphasis is on part. I managed to find copies of the photos in the emails I sent myself from my phone and some I took from my Instagram account. I will continue to look for more and see whether I still have some hidden away which means that I might update some of the posts from time to time.


As for the second part, currently only half of the posts are up. There are photos I do not think I have anymore so I will have to reshoot some of them and some other posts will be updated with more relevant information and be posted again. Hopefully the new information will make the posts interesting enough so that you will want to have another look.

This is basically what happened, but now we are back in business and I will try to post new content as often as I can on top of replacing old one. Soon, I will also tell you what made me want to change hosting platforms in the first place.

Thank you for your understanding and my sincere apologies for any inconveniences this might have caused.