Dear sophomore me,

Can you believe it? You made it! You survived! And it seems that in the meantime you lost your letter writing abilities, don’t let your English teacher know that! Let it be our secret, so shhh!

Times are changing. You are past the accommodation period so things are going to get a lot more interesting and at the same time challenging. There is no sugarcoating it, things will get tougher, but you will survive, just like you survived year one.

Second year is the right time to get involved in more social activities and start building a presentable CV now that you are more settled in, but, yes there is a but, a big one even, you should carefully consider each opportunity and decide just how much time you are willing to sacrifice. For some of us being constantly busy is a good thing (trust me on this one, or at least have a look at your own transcript after you are done with year two), but for others it can be daunting and stressful. That is fine! Each and every one of us is different and our learning style is different as well so do what is best for you not for someone else.

I wish I could give you a hug right now, because you are at the stage where you finally understood that not everyone is your friend and all those people you met in the beginning are just acquaintances and not your lifelines. But let me tel you something! It does not matter! You are at college to become someone, someone great and as nice as it would be to have a large group of friends you do not need one. A few people to be close to is a good thing, but do not waste your time,e energy and tears on people who do not deserve or appreciate you. Out there, somewhere in a hidden corner of the library you might find the ones you are looking for, or hey, they might find you! (*hint *hint).

Living off campus can be amazing, but also difficult at times. Try to make the most of it! It is not the end of the world. And another thing you should remember is not to judge people. Sometimes the person you least expect, the party girl, could become a better roommate than the quiet girl you always thought would be the best fit for you, even if you do not interact often. Look at the bright side! You will have the room for yourself for the most part and if she is in, she might be sleeping! Personally I would not recommend  rooming with someone you (more or less) know. People have this tendency to surprise you and you might find out a lot of things you wish, for the sake of your friendship, that you could forget.

In conclusion, it is time to get serious about your studies, about your extra curricular activities and focus less on trying to befriend as many people. Focus on those who matter, on those who truly care about you and forget about those who don’t even remember your name unless they need something. Be open, be creative, be happy and try to enjoy yourself and make the most out of this year as college (usually) is a once in a lifetime experience! Most of all do not forget to be kind!



What would you tell your sophomore self?