Why do I write?

I never intended to become a writer. I enjoyed creative writing as a child, but became swept up in my psychology career as an adult. I cheered when I landed my dream job in psychology. Then I cried when the job turned less dreamy.

They say that suffering is necessary for meaningful art. Without a plan or intent, I found myself funneling my career misery into writing. As a psychologist, I listened all day long, and I suppose I had much to say at night through my novels. My writing was basic and weak at first, but practice, critique partners, and professional editing have taught me how to hone my craft.

Streamline was my first novel, so I followed advice to “write what you know” by penning a story about swimming and psychology in the New Adult age group. I’ve swum all my life, and I’m a psychologist who loves doing therapy with new adults because there’s so much change and growth. Streamline has some dark themes that reflected my mood when writing it!

My next writing project turned into a romantic suspense trilogy: The Conduct Series. With Good Behavior (Conduct #1) explores how two cons (ex-psychologist Sophie and ex-Navy man Grant) try to build back their lives following prison sentences. In Bad Behavior, thugs and villains challenge their romance. Sophie and Grant persevere to seek redemption in book three, On Best Behavior.

My current work-in-progress is a college volleyball romance titled Blocked. It’s been a blast to dive into another favorite sport of mine. I’ve also enjoyed pitting my hero and heroine against each other amidst the divided battleground of American politics.

After witnessing the indomitable resilience of the human spirit in my job as therapist, I like to explore themes of healing and redemption in my writing. Though my writing pace has slowed a bit, I do feel a driving impulse to keep telling stories. My writing mission is to find healing from suffering and a sense of meaning and fun from life!

Jennifer Lane, Author
Romantic Suspense featuring Healing and Redemption