It has been almost a month since Glossier finally landed in the UK. I have been waiting so long for this moment, I mean how could I not? The brand they managed to build is memorable, it is the very definition of a strong house name. Glossier is the one brand that everyone talks about for various reasons: their gorgeous design, their interesting blog and of course their social media accounts, but also and most importantly due to their products. As you probably guessed by now, the moment the ship to UK button became available, I was there placing my first order.

glossier glossier

The order arrived quite quickly despite the fact that they emailed me apologising for the delay. They had huge number of orders so a short delay was to be expected, however that was not the case. The order arrived in three different boxes which were taped shut with a branded Glossier tape. The inside of the boxes was also really gorgeous. I felt tempted to keep some parts of the box and frame them somehow! yes, that is just how beautiful they are and they come in a bonbon pink that is absolutely gorgeous.

glossier glossier

As for the products, the design is also in line with that of their social media themes and that of the boxes. Each of the sets that I ordered came in a bubble wrap zip pouch. Honestly, that was one of my favourite parts as now I have a safe way to travel with some of my beauty products without worrying about them spilling all over my clothes. Of course, I have my makeup bags which I often take on my travels, but if the cosmetics do spill over from the brutal handling of some airport employees, I still have to wash the bags and hope for the best. Now, that is no longer an issue as the Glossier bags are easy to clean and worst case, you won’t miss them much if you need to throw them out. If you do get attached to them (like I did), since they are pretty nice, you can always place another order *wink. Some of the products also came in an extra box and most of the boxes also contained sets of really cute stickers. Like I said, memorable branding!

Without a doubt, Glossier excels at design and brand building, but do they really create high quality products worthy of their price?  Stay tuned and find out as I will review each set soon.

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