While Lush is a very popular shopping destination for many bloggers, it’s never been my to-go-to place. If I am not mistaken, I made a purchases on only 3 – max 4 occasions. Why? One, their most popular products and the ones that stand out the most are the both bombs which I have no use for and second, the shop is always so busy that it makes me want to leave immediately. I did get a few things in the past, I even reviewed one of them and another post is just sitting there waiting for me to press publish. Will probably do so in spring or when I have nothing to post on a Monday. Anyway, shopping online seems to agree better with me.

While shopping online you might not get to smell the products and yes, for me that is very important with my sensitive nose and all that, but at least I get to look through all the ingredients without having someone push me or someone pestering me about making the purchase. Yes, that is now it feels each time I go inside the store. It is really nice that the shop assistants are trying to be helpful, but lately it seems that they are going overboard. In a way that is totally understandable, but it is still incredibly annoying. Plus, having to shop on Oxford Street makes it even worse. So from now on, online shopping will have to do, even if I have to pay the delivery fees.

What did I order then?

Well, all the products that I got on this occasion are products I have not bought before or even tried. I was looking at face scrubs as per usual, but now it is not the time to introduce anything new in my skincare routine (you will soon find out why).


The Ambrosia Shaving cream – I needed to try something new as nothing so far seems to be working and I get ingrown hairs. There has to be a product that can help me deal with the soreness. Not sure whether this is the one, but it is worth a try.

Then I got a wax lip barrier crayon to make sure that the lipstick stays in place. I have been receiving so many red lipsticks lately and one that I fell in love with so I want to give it a try, but I am a bit scared to wear it out in public. I’ve only worn red lipstick twice in my life and even though it looks good, according to my mother at least, I am always worried that it will smudge – we’ll see.

The Dirty toothpaste replacement tabs are something I have been meaning to try for a while. I kinda like the idea for some reason. It seems so much easier to take on travels and also introducing a product that has less chemicals might be beneficial for my teeth.

The green round shaped product is a shampoo bar. My mother is still not convinced, but it is definitely a shampoo. After the last soap I got from them, I am not sure whether I will ever buy another one. It claims that it will last me a very long time. Personally, I am not so sure about that, but I will just have to wait and see. The product is supposed to smell like grass, but I cannot really tell. It smells really nice though, but still the scent is not similar to the one I associate with grass. This one is the one I am most curious about to be honest.


Last, but not least I got the cuticle butter as lately my cuticles are a bit more dry and hard than usual. The water or the wind in the UK surely do not agree with my hands. I really wish I knew what causes the issues I have been dealing with for the past years, but it seems impossible to determine. The moment I leave on holiday, my skin condition improves. Regardless, I hope that this product will help. The lemony scent is not my favourite, but it will have to do.


In addition, I also received 5 samples. I did ask for 2 samples, but only got one of the ones I was interested in. No matter, I will give these products a try nonetheless and am happy that they are more than expected. The sample sizes are okay, even though they seem a lot smaller than what’ve seen other people getting. Maybe they finally realised that now people know how to  ask for them and they created special containers or the pictures I have seen were misleading. These are as big a 50p coin. Some are full and some are more than half empty. I am still happy that I get to test the products though. If am going to continue shopping online, this is the only way I get to test the products before making a purchase so for that I am grateful.

Overall, I am happy with the products and am curious to test them out. No worries, I will keep you updated. The first product I will probably review will be the shampoo bar as I find that one incredibly fascinating.

What did you last get from LUSH?