That feeling you get when you leave the hairdresser’s, with your perfectly styled new cut looking glossy enough to turn heads, is pretty amazing. But it can be tricky to replicate the look at home. The secret to salon-worthy hair? Planning, planning, planning. Whether you want the sleekest of straight locks or the biggest hair you can muster, an organised approach is what you need. Here’s some top tips:

  • Find the right products for your hair. When your hair stylist first sits you down to talk about your new cut or colour, they’re also doing a quick hair diagnosis: is your hair naturally frizzy, wavy, curly, or straight? Is it fine or thick? Strong, or a little damaged? Do they need to know how to straighten hair that’s naturally curly, or can they work with your hair’s normal shape? They then pick their products accordingly – and you need to do the same. Read reviews for products that target your particular hair needs, and keep an eye out for any by people with a similar hair type to you: the products they like will probably work for you as well.
  • Take your time when blow drying your hair. When it comes to getting a salon-style blow dry, there are a few steps to take. First, press your wet hair dry with a soft old t-shirt (rather than a towel) and spritz on a heat protector and a little serum. Give your hair a little time to air dry, then brush it: tips first, then roots.

Now to use your hairdryer: start brushing your hair from the roots to the tips, following the brush with the dryer. Work on one small section of the hair at a time, pulling the hair upwards with the brush to achieve volume. Finish with light products, and avoid overly strong hairspray, as this can sometimes weigh your hair down and ruin the look you’ve been going for.

  • Use good quality styling tools to straighten hair – and use them properly. Do you want to know how to straighten hair like a pro? First things first, always use high quality styling tools. It’s well worth investing in something that won’t frazzle your hair. Before you start styling, apply a heat protection spray to prepare your hair for the irons. Then make sure that your hair is brushed and completely dry before working the straighteners though your locks.As with drying, it’s best to work in sections, pulling the hair away from your scalp as you go. Go slowly, using a fine tooth comb to separate out and detangle each section. Don’t linger on any one spot for too long though, and keep the irons moving to achieve smooth results. Finish with a blast of cool air from the hairdryer to keep your look smooth and in place.

There you have it: with a little know-how, you can have gorgeous, salon-worthy hair without having to go to the hairdressers. Now that you’ve got the essentials in hand, enjoy giving them a go – and seeing the results!

Do you have any tips for achieving a salon worthy style? Please, do share.