Last Saturday I went to the one place I do not particularly enjoy going to. Yes, I am being dramatic. I don’t hate Selfridges and I don’t hate what they sell, however the people make me want to never go inside ever again. I was helping a young woman by holding the door for her as she had way too many bags and two gentleman squeezed past me as I was just about to enter. WTH? I know I am short, but not that short. Like I said, I might be slightly dramatic, but I was not raised to hold the door open for a man. Quite the opposite in fact. It might be my upbringing, but I found the entire thing highly offensive. Of course, that would not apply when it comes to people who need help or to older men, however they were in their 40s and based on their attitudes it is not hard to tell where they work.

Rant over. I just had to get that out as even now, I am still annoyed when I think about it. Not that I think about it often, but writing this post triggered the memory and that is not fair. This is one memory I would hate to associate with such an incident.

Due to my annoyance, I went straight to the one area of the store that always manages to calm me down and that is the stationary area. You know just how much I love some nice smelling, beautifully design paper. As I was standing in line to pay for my business magazines, this brown huge book caught my eye. It was unlike anything I had seen before and I was curious to see what was inside. I left my place at the surprisingly long queue for a Saturday morning and picked up the magazine or should I say book to have a closer look. It was then when I realised that it was a book for paper lovers. Yes, only then as distances work against me and my sight. The moments I laid my eyes of the first beautifully designed paper tag, I knew it had to be mine. It was going home with me and that was that.

At home I got the chance to analyse the book in more detail and with every page I fell more and more in love with it. It has such a calming effect upon me that you would not believe. It is intoxicating, it is unlike anything I have ever seen. While I do not like all the designs, they make me feel happy and calm. Quite strange actually. That day was just the beginning. As I finally closed the book and opened my Instagram feed, the first thing I saw was a post regarding the Flow magazine. I had not idea such thing even existed! The magazine and the other products created by the company have a similar effect, as I later found out. I will tell you about those a bit more in future posts though.

I definitely recommend you check Flow out and have a look at their magazines as they are a great addition for everyone who need a little calm and peace in their life. It did not solve my problems, but I made me feel calm even if just for a while. Now, overtime I feel like giving up, I go and pick up the book and look at the designs and for a while I forget why I was so upset in the first place.

The book or the magazine might not solve your problems, but it will definitely brighten your day, even if just for a short while. It is not just a magazine, it is almost like a lifestyle that promotes calm and happiness and that can be felt on every single page and every single line.

Have you ever purchased a copy of Flow or any of their other products?