Can you believe that it is March already? Time flies so fast, but let’s not ponder on that and look at the bright side. We are getting closer and closer to spring! Autumn used to be my favourite season of the year growing up due to the beauty of the falling leaves, due to the fact that school was back in session and due to the melancholy feelings in the air. I still enjoy autumn, but spring has an undeniable allure. Spring is the season of change, spring for me signifies hope and a new beginning, it feels like we are reborn at the same time as nature.

I am being a tad bit dramatic, aren’t I? My apologies, the last few weeks have been truly emotional for various reasons, the most important being the fact that just over a week ago I sat my last science exam. I have been waiting for this moment a very long time and now I am still unsure of how I feel. I am moving on, to new things, but it remains to be determined whether they are better things. Better stick with the devil you know, right? For the past two years I have been trying to be more open to change, but still a part of me finds it hard to let go, yet another screams “good riddance”.

Well, anyway, I included this short story about what has been going on in my life so that you will find it easier to understand why I picked the songs I did as well as to maybe find it in your heart to forgive my absence. It is time for me to get started on that 50+ list of topics I should write about…patience! It will happen, someday.

The first time I listened to this song was a while ago, when I was sitting my summer exams? probably, not sure though, however this new version is slightly different as the other one was a studio recording and Mørland was not singing it alone, if I am not mistaken. This is the official video version and while I still love it,  I have to admit that I  miss the other one. The one version was more emotionally charged in my opinion and it fit the lyrics better, but still, this one is also beautiful and there is the undeniable truth – Mørland has incredible lyric writing skills.

I came across this one when I was hit by a wave of melancholy as I found myself missing those beautiful scenes from Vampire Diaries that I  used to love seeing between Klaus and Caroline. In addition, I started reading (and writing, yes you read it correctly, I am giving writing another chance) fan fiction. The idea just hit me when I realised that I would be okay with everything that has been going on as long as at the very end, even if in the last few minutes of either show, the blonde would find her way to Klaus. Sorry! Wishful thinking. As hard as it may be to believe, I rarely ship a couple, well compared to know many I get to meet through my reading and watching TV. Those that I do root for a only a few. Just my luck to get a whole new scene after so many years on the day of my exam. Anyway, I hope you do enjoy this song and the one below.

This ain’t nothing new and I probably shared it with you before, but it is a song that I love. It seems that February was a month  full of old favourites rather than new songs.

How was YOUR February? Any songs you would like to share?