Estée Lalonde

I planned to post something else, but the moment I saw that Estée Lalonde – one of my favourite v/bloggers – had released the first episode of her very own podcast I knew I had to listen to it and tell you all about it. Well not all, just my opinion as I am hoping you will want to listen to it yourself and I would hate to spoil it for you.

Listening to podcasts is something that I do quite often and also something I wanted to talk to you about for a while, but I have been postponing it as I was looking for some really interesting episodes to share with you as an intro, however this is definitely the best time for me to do so.

Estée is quite well known for changing her style over the past few years, but the podcast is truly something else. Her style is slightly different from what we have gotten used to ever since she turned to more mature content, however it might be all due to the medium. That is not to say that the podcast is not a great production, because it truly is. However, what else could one expect from someone with amazing Youtube videos? Estée has definitely developed a great set of skills during these years since she has been on youtube and is great to see that she can apply said skills to a different and slightly more pretentious medium.

However, some things did stay the same – her personality and beliefs are the same. You might wonder why I felt the need to point it out. Well, for several reasons, two of the most important being the fact that sometimes, certain people do appear different became of the pressures of different mediums, but most importantly because it is Estée’s personality that makes her productions so worthy of one’s time.

Estée Lalonde

Credit: Estée Lalonde

The first episode titled 001 – Protest (Pilot) is now available here. As the name suggests, the content is about protests and women’ right to have an opinion and to be heard. See? This is one of the reasons why I love Estée so much. She is a great role model for women all around the globe and especially for her younger audience. Living in the world we are living in today, people like Estée, through their great reach, have a chance to make a difference and empower a entire generation.

I could go on, but like I promised, I won’t spoil it for you. One last thing I wan to say is that the choice of interviews is brilliant and they definitely offer great value to an already amazing production. Hope you will give the podcast a shot, even if you are not usually a podcast listener. You won’t regret it!



*  Not an AD. Just an opinion. 
** The featured image was created by me using part of Estée original
   podcast cover, so all credit goes to her.