dyed hair

Whatever hairstyle you choose to rock, whether it is dyed, curled or straightened, you have to take care of it to keep your ‘do looking good. Specifically looking at dyed hair, you want the colour to last as long as possible and not fade out before you decide on a new shade. So, when it comes to maintaining and caring for your coloured locks there are a number of factors to consider and steps to take:


Avoid overheating

Colour treated hair is more susceptible to damage, so it’s vitally important that you don’t expose it to intense heat. If you’re a fan of hair straighteners, learn how to straighten hair without heat instead, so you can keep your locks looking beautiful but still healthy. Be careful with all heat styling tools as they can wreak havoc with your dyed ‘do. Instead of blow-drying on a hot setting turn it down a notch or two, or better still pat down and let it air dry.

Shampoo less frequently

You don’t want to strip the vibrant colour or risk any damage so, instead of shampooing your hair regularly, let the natural oils do their job. Wash your locks maybe two to three times a week and keep them as dry as you can every other time you’re showering.

Choose shampoos that are specifically for colour treated hair

 There are plenty of specialist shampoos on the market, so make sure you choose something that is going to help boost and protect the colour. An ordinary shampoo is not going to cut it; use a specialised version and your new tone will stay brighter for longer.

Use a moisture-rich conditioner

 Just as a quality conditioner will lift and support a range of styles, like waves or curls, it’ll do just the same for dyed hair. Every time you wash your hair it’s important to use a moisture-rich conditioner too. Not only will it give your colour a new sheen, it can help it look more even too. Pay particular attention to your hair tips, as these are most prone to damage.

Avoid over-styling

 You’ve invested all this time on a stunning colour and you want it to look at its best, but you need to resist the urge to over-style. Styling products are ok if used in moderation, but apply too much mousse or hairspray and you’re more at risk of losing that lively colour. If you can learn how to straighten hair without heat you can learn how to style it without the use of too many products.

Wash in cold water

 As cold as you can stand it. Hot water is not only going to dry your hair out, it’ll also strip it of the colour you’ve added. Always wash with cold water and that stunning blonde, purple or pink will hold for a lot longer.

Pinks, purples, greens and blues; whatever your colour of choice is, it’s going to last and maintain its vibrancy if you look after it. Choosing your products wisely plus avoiding heat and intense styling products are all going to play a major part. Implement these tips and enjoy your beautiful dyed hair for longer!

What are YOUR secrets to maintaining dyed hair?