I used to worry about my hair looking oily, and ended up washing it every day to keep it looking clean. After learning that this was bad for my scalp and that I wasn’t solving anything long term, I switched to (in my opinion) the best shampoo for oily hair, and now have things under control.

Whenever I want to give my hair a moisture boost that won’t weight it down, I make this DIY vegan hair mask. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and helps keep my strands silky smooth.



Avocado is considered a power fruit, as it is full of nutrients, protein and amino acids. Most of us expose our hair to harsh detergents, heat and chemical treatments, which can lead to a loss of protein, and strands that feel dry and brittle.

Using avocado in a hair mask can help revive your locks, making them shiny and supple, and protect them from further damage. Massaging it into your scalp can also help unclog blocked follicles to stimulate new hair growth.



The next time you have a stray banana lying around, keep it to make this hair mask. It is full of Vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium, and can help repair and condition dry hair and provide some extra moisture.

It also acts as a natural exfoliator, and is effective in removing dead skin cells on your scalp to promote healthier hair growth, as well as infusing it with essential minerals and natural oils.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a wonderfully versatile ingredient, and can help enhance your hair’s natural beauty. It contains a huge range of B Vitamins, as well as iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

It works as a natural detangler which can help keep your strands moisturised without adding weight, and delivers fatty acids to keep your scalp healthy and revitalised. It also improves blood circulation, which can stimulate new hair growth.


Coconut Oi

If you notice a large amount of hair loss during washing, brushing or styling, it could be due to a nutritional deficiency. Massaging coconut oil into your scalp is a great way of delivering Vitamins K and E, which can help improve the overall health of your skin so your roots stay strong.

Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, antioxidants and minerals, and is effective in penetrating the hair shaft to reduce protein loss and condition strands.

Olive Oil

Adding just a tablespoon of olive oil to a hair mask can help smooth the outer cuticles of strands to make hair strong and shiny. It is very useful for conditioning hair which is prone to breakages and split ends, and helps fight frizz.

Undernourished hair is much harder to style, and by softening strands olive oil helps hair become more pliable and easier to manage. If you have very fine hair, you could try adding half a tablespoon instead.

[su_box title=”Ingredients” style=”soft” box_color=”#82b880″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”4″]

  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 50 ml Coconut Milk
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil




Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until you have a smooth paste. The smoother it is, the easier it will be to spread through your hair and distribute it evenly.

Apply the mixture all over your hair, making sure you work your way down to the tips to target split ends. Massage it gently into your scalp for a few minutes to exfoliate your skin and improve blood circulation.

Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. You can leave it on for longer, but it’s best not to leave the mixture on overnight, as it will dry and be harder to rinse out.

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo which is preferably sulfate-free, and thoroughly rinse your hair. If you can stand cooler water, it will help seal cuticles so your strands can retain their moisture.

You can condition your hair as usual if you need to, and should already be able to feel how much easier it is to work through any tangles.

About The Author: Louisa Rose is from Cologne, Germany. She runs Body Health Love, where she blogs about health and beauty advice for young women.

What do think? Will you give this DIY hair mask a try?

*Guest Post.