You might feel like it is a waste of time and money to buy cute, colourful stationary, but you have to admit they make you feel better. There is something special about them. Having a cute, small or even larger notepad to write your thoughts on makes you more willing to do so, makes you look forward to a bit of work just so that you put your little hands on the smooth files of the pad. Now, I sounds like a total lunatic, don’t I?

This past two years have been quite difficult for me, having to adjust to a different lifestyle, to a different culture, not knowing what I wanted in life… It might sound silly, but a small notepad managed to add a bit of order in otherwise chaotic life and made me look forward to work, something I have not felt in quite some time.  I am not saying that a notepad has such power to completely change your life, but it does help a bit. Nice stationary always made me look forward to school and work in general and I assume since you are here reading this blog they helped you in some way as well.

The perfect notepad does not have to be expensive, of course not! It just has to make you smile! There are so many options out there, one for everyone. Have a look at the following selection, you might find the perfect one, if not, they might give you an idea of what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to get a funky one even if you think you are too old for one, you are never too old to buy something that brightens your days just a little bit!

Just click on a picture to see the notepads in more detail. This is a slideshow so make sure to click on the arrows for more options. *Make sure to check the oversized sticky notes on page 3 – they are so cute!

What do you think of cute stationary? 

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