hosting service

Ever since I joined the blogosphere, all I heard was that you need a hosting service if you want to become serious about blogging. I am sure that is something you’ve all heard before. Being the diligent girl that I am, I did some research and the conclusion was that BlueHost was the way to go. Back in 2014 everyone seemed to recommend this particular service so I decided that I should join it as well. I mean, everyone I knew and every big blogger I admired was using it so why should I go with another service?

Choosing BlueHost was not a mistake, not at the time. The service was great,  easy to use and up until last year I did not have any issues with it. However, lately my site has been going down quite a lot and that started to really bother me. Furthermore, the site was loading a lot slower than before and initially I thought it was my fault so I tried to clean it up, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to be working. After my site went offline more than 5 times in one day, I had enough. It was time to change. I did my research and I quickly and quietly moved. The decision cost me quite a bit and that is my own fault, but it was the right decision and so far I have no reason to regret it.

My site going offline was the last straw, but another reason why I decided to move was that it started getting more and more expensive to maintain my website and the overhead was not worth it considering that so far I have not made any income from this site. Since I never actually intended to turn the website in my full time job, when I first signed up to the hosting service I only signed up using the promotional price for one year. That was a big mistake in retrospect, but at the time it made sense. I was in a very different stage of my life and it was not the time to make big investments. Going back I would probably make the same decision as I have back then. Nothing really changed since then, one could argue, but it has. Now, I signed up for three years which I know is a big commitment, but also now I know that I am here to stay. Then, I was just testing the waters, but now it is a different story and if my economics classes helped with anything at all then it was definitely this: in the long run, the costs are a lot smaller.

So here you have it. This is why I decided to make the move to another hosting service which apparently is now considered to be better and faster than BlueHost. Let’s hope I won’t end up regretting this.

*According to a post on Dana’s blog, BlueHost has improved considerably in the last few months, but it was too late for me.

Have you ever encountered any issues with the hosting service you are using?