With specially commissioned illustrations by Pietari Posti, and a foreword by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s nephew,THE RETURN OF THE YOUNG PRINCE will be cherished by children and adults alike across the globe. 

Even princes from faraway planets do not always remain small. Eventually they grow up and – no longer content with their tiny planet – set off once again to explore the universe anew. So the Little Prince, now a teenager, one day returns to Earth and finds himself on a lonely country road in the vast, desolate plains of Patagonia. There he meets the narrator of this novel, who rescues him and takes him on a journey. Slowly the Prince shares the stories of his adventures, and together they begin to explore some of life’s most important questions, taking readers along with them on a wonderful spiritual journey. An inspiring, life-changing book.

My opinion: 

The same, yet different. Those are the words that best describe this book, at least in my opinion. Just like in the original novel, you are taken on a physical and spiritual journey, however in this case the lessons are more grown up in a way and the style is different. Even though, if you were to ask me I would say that the original was not addressed to children either, despite its fable format.

I hope you will not be disappointed, but this is not a sequel of the original novel. This is more like a tribute to the work that impacted thousands of lives and probably one in particular- the life of A.G. Roemmers.  Personally, I enjoyed it and I tried to keep an open mind all throughout. At times I felt tempted to compare the writing, the lessons, the style and the illustrations, but I had to remind myself that we are living in a different period and just like society changed over time, the stories had to adapt. Yet, the idyllic Patagonian landscape made me forget about these details and helped me immerse myself in the universe of this book through the beautiful and relevant questions and memorable answers.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the book, despite it being different. For me it was quite unexpected, as I never thought I would get to see anything similar to The Little Prince ever again throughout the course of my life. However, it was a beautiful surprise. In short, the story is just as meaningful as the original and makes one ponder what they really know about life and maybe even take a step back and make sure they are on the path they were meant to be. The exceptional writing that could have not come from anyone other than someone who is both cultured and who truly lived, makes this book memorable and I recommend you give it a try.

While this book could not replicate the masterpiece that is and forever will be The Little Prince, it is without a doubt a remarkable piece of writing on its own.

From me: 4/5

What are the ways in which The Little Prince impacted your life?