You probably heard this one before, but The Body Shop is yet another shop where I do not feel comfortable in. I might come across as picky or incredibly sensitive, however there was an actual article a few days ago published in a business magazine that talks about how much money British retailers lose due to customer service. I wonder why… Personally, I feel like the sale ladies at the Body Shop are just a bit too intrusive which is why I gave up even trying to go inside the store. However, I have been meaning to try their latest products for a while now so of course I turned to the second best option and that is online shopping.

The classic products from the Body Shop that you can easily recognise never really interested me, but their new collections are a bit more intriguing. It might be their new form of marketing and new packaging that makes me want to try them out, but the point is that whatever they are doing is working.

Once on their website I could not help but notice their offer: 10£ off when you spend 25£. Truth be told, that is what sealed the deal. It is not the first time they’ve done it, I have seen it many times before, but now I actually found some products that interested me.

One of the products that I decided to get is the Black Musk Collection. I love musk in my fragrances, there is just something about it… 9/10 of my fragrances have musk in them so it was a no brainer. I usually go for the fragrance only and almost never get sets, but this time it made more sense as it was priced the same as the fragrance on its own. Plus, a small voice in my head reminded me of how fragrance supposedly lasts longer if you use products with the same scent underneath.

I was not overly impressed with the fragrance, but it does smell really nice and it is similar to what I enjoy. However, the scent does not last as long, but that is to be expected. It is of much better quality than expected for its price range. Even if this is not something you would get for yourself, the Body Shop Black Musk Collection would make a great gift for a friend, a niece or even a sister.

Is there a product you love from the Body Shop?