I started blogging on a more regular basis back in 2012 – you can read more about that here – and ever since then my life took a turn for the better. When I started blogging I needed an outlet, I needed to escape from reality and I found it.

Through blogging, I rediscovered the beauty of life, I started appreciating the little things and found a connection with the outside world that I thought I had lost for good. In addition, I met many great people, some with whom I still keep in contact. That definitely played an important role in the change I have undergone in the past years. My confidence levels increased considerably as I learnt to accept myself the way I am, quirks and all. There might be other ways to achieve the same feeling, but for me this was it and I would not change one thing as blogging is truly my passion and one of the things I have done the longest.

So far, so good. When I started I had not foreseen all of these benefits, but there is one more than I would have never even thought of, not even in my wildest dreams.

Creating a portfolio of sorts did cross my mind at the time when I switched to a self hosting platform. I am not going to deny that, but the plan was to use it only if I really had to. For example, I would have used it if I had applies for a writing position or something similar. However, it never came to that, but at some point this year I decided to put the blog on my CV anyway. It was an impulsive decision, but one that led to many great things.

These couple of months each and every single time I interviewed for a company, the one thing that attracted my interviewer’s attention was my blog. The positions I applied for were social media management, digital innovation. business development and even software development among others. While some of these are sort of related to the things I do for my blog, they are quite diverse and I started thinking that most of the jobs to there have a component that somehow related to some of the things you do as a blogger.

To make myself clear, I do not think that my blog itself was what led to job offers, but the skills I learnt during the time I have been blogging. Through blogging I learnt more about social media that what I could have possibly done though the simple use of a personal account. That is not all! Some of the other skills that I gained during these past few years include writing business proposals, networking and feeling more comfortable outside my comfort zone. One other thing that played an important role was a great improvement in my writing skills. I might not be the best writer in the world, nor do I want to be, but my writing skills have always been shaky at best. Studying for a science degree required quite a lot of writing and I do not think that I would have survived it without all the writing that I have been doing for this blog.

While blogging, like most things in life, is not easy, it is without a doubt an activity that deeply impacted my life and for that I am incredibly grateful. Blogging is hard work, at least for me, but the benefits make every single moment worth it. To be clear those benefits also include all the amazing people I had the honour of meeting. 🙂 So thank you!

Now that you know how blogging changed my life, are you ready to start your own journey?