I never thought I would see the day. Honestly, now I understand why there was an increase in lipstick sales during the war. To some of you it might sound strange, but for the longest time I refused to wear lipstick. However, now I can see just how much it can help one’s self confidence.

It is like a milestone in a woman’s life. You are no longer considered a child and are are taken more seriously by society once you start wearing lipstick. That is not all though, there is also the way it makes you feel – it is like you are unstoppable and that is what all of us need to feel. It gives you an edge and acts like a shield against the harsh words of society. At least that is my view on it.

Once I saw the Lip Kit from Benefit, I knew I had to get it. Not because it is from Benefit, not even close. This is actually the only Benefit product I bothered purchasing. Of course, I have tried many others in the past in forms of samples from magazines and beauty boxes, but never actually made a direct purchase myself. However, I remember the effect of the mascara from the same range and I decided to give this kit a try.

The lipsticks come in beautiful colours, however they all seem a bit more red than I expected. I thought that Lusty Rose would be my favourite and it is, but it is not what I hoped it would be in terms of colour. I wished for something a bit less obvious, but I guess it would make little sense considering that the desired effect is for your lips to stand out.

In terms of application, this is a bit more tricky. Personally, I find it slightly difficult to apply as the tip is oddly shaped and I feel like I need to get more product out than usual, but I fear that it will break if I do that. There is no way around it though. If you find an easy way to apply it, please let me know. Maybe it is just me making weird manoeuvres.

Not sure if you care, but the smell is not that nice, but the pigmentation is and the product lasts for quite  a few hours without requiring a second coat.

The lip kit itself is really cute and the four lippies come enclosed in a  metal box which you can later reuse to store some of your other products if you wish. That was definitely a great idea! They are truly nicely presented and make for a perfect gift. However, the products are travel size and not full size which is a shame. In terms of effectiveness, they definitely do the trick. The products make your lips look fuller due to the lip liner, lipstick combo.

Have you tried the lip kit? Do you know any similar products?

*no idea what happened to the quality of the photos, but I hope the GA below will gain me your forgiveness.