This is another short roundup since the end of the year is getting closer, but this time I will be talking to you about 5 of the vloggers I watched the most in 2016. In case you missed it, last time I talked about the 5 blogs I read the most and you can find the post here if you are curious to read it.

The vlogs are not presented in any particular order.

1.Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria is an expert on al things beauty, seriously! I learnt quite a few tips from her that proved to be incredibly helpful in my makeup routine. Furthermore, I love her style and lifestyle videos. Now, I have even been following her pregnancy videos which are just as enjoyable. I usually tend to stay away from those, but she is glowing so much that it definitely makes you truly excited for her and her fiancé and of course about learning more about her experience with motherhood. Those are definitely videos I would consider rewatching if I am ever going to become a mother myself.

2. Fashion Mumblr 

Initially I found this channel as I moved from one blogger mail video to another and ever since I tuned in regularly. For some reason, I love watching others opening their blogger mail, but rest assured that it is not the only reason why I kept watching the channel. Josie also covers a wide range of topics and I particularly enjoy her travel and beauty ones, but lately I have been following her adventures with Dexter, her sausage dog. There must be something seriously wrong with me, but those sausage dogs are just so cute! Furthermore, Josie has a really fun personality and it is lovely to watch her videos after a long day at school/work. Definitely recommend you give her channel a try.

3. Jim Chapman

This is definitely a vlog worth watching, especially if you are interested in men fashion, tech and high quality entertainment suggestions. Personally, I always wanted to know all about fashion for men, much more than I ever cared for women fashion. What can I say? I am a weird one, but there is just something magical about how suits are made. Jim also covers a wide range of topics and even films collaborations with other famous UK based vloggers as well as his wife, Tanya Burr, but the videos I like the most are those featuring their dog Martha.

4. Estée Lalonde

I first learnt about Estée from my very first copy of Blogospehere Magazine and I have been watching all her vlogs ever since. Her videos are fresh and cover a lot of topics.  I particularly like the fact that in terms of beauty she talks about all kind of products, even drugstore ones and in terms of lifestyle she is not afraid to approach many topics that might make others feel slightly uncomfortable. She is open and passionate, but most importantly she has a story to tell which is why her videos are worth watching.

5. Kristin Lauria 

This vlog I only found towards the end of spring and even though it might not have as many videos as others, Kristin’s channel is still worth subscribing to. Kristin is a truly unique person and she is so sweet. You just cannot help yourself but watch her work. Her beauty videos are really nice, but I am particularly fond of the videos she filmed with Marcus, her fiancé.

Which vlog channels did you watch the most in 2016?