Wow. This has definitely been a very long year, probably the longest year of my life. So many things happened that I don’t even know where to begin or how to explain. Usually I feel sort of sorry when a year ends, but this time, this time I just want 2016 to be over.

You probably don’t want to hear about the sad stuff more than I want to remember or talk about it and for that reason I will focus on the happy parts (mostly).

Blogging goals

Quite a few of my 2016 goals were somehow related to blogging. Since I started university I have been quite bad at posting regular updates, but this year I made more of an effort – whether that was visible to you or not, I do not know, but I did. Luckily, I managed to accomplish most of my blogging goals, at least in some way or another. I might have not reached the desired number of followers on every social media platform, but I did get more followers than expected on Instagram and on Pinterest. I am incredibly happy about those as they are my favourite social media platforms, but also the ones I had the most trouble improving.As for my reading goals, they are not even worth bringing up anymore, long gone are the days when I managed to read more than 100 books per year.

Personal goals (sort of) 

Furthermore, I wanted to attend 5 events and really get out of my comfort zone. This is something I managed to do, even though it seemed really daunting 12 months ago. Social situations make me feel quite uncomfortable, especially when I am surrounded by complete strangers, however I learnt that bloggers are truly a friendly and not judging bunch and they are incredibly welcoming. I doubt that without many of the people on the blogosphere I would have reached this goal of mine, so thank you! Not all of the events I attended were related to blogging, but many of them were and I am not ashamed to admit it.

As for the other parts of my life, it took me four years, but I am finally certain that I did not make a mistake when choosing my university. I might have really disliked part of my degree, but I love business school. I learnt so much these past couple of months and I feel that the whole experience was transformational (in a good way). Also, it took me almost four years to find people who truly share my interests and who did not judge me for my geekiness nor my love for literature. It was nice for a change. Funny how life works! These are people I was initially forced to work with, but also some of the most amazing people I met during my time at university.

Overall, I might have not reached every single one of my 2016 goals, but I am glad that I am still here and that you are still here reading this. Your continuous support means the world to me, so I want to thank all of you for being here and for reading this. I hope we will ‘see’ each other again and in good health on the other side. Make sure to pop by as I have a big surprise for you (truly hope it will work as planned and as such I would fulfil my first goal for 2017).

Did you manage to accomplish your goals for 2016?