New year, new planner! It is a must, especially if you are like me and love all paper goods. Honestly, I hope that you already bought yours and you are not like me with my favourite calendar. I have used the same page-a-day calendar for the past two years and this time I got distracted and it went out of stock. If it had happened once, okay, that would be understandable, but it happened twice and now I am pretty sure I won’t get my hands on one this year. Sorry, got sidetracked, but I am incredibly upset as I used to look forward to seeing that new inspiring quote every morning. Anyway, in case you really forgot or simply did not have time to hunt for the perfect planner, I have some suggestions that you might like.


If I had not placed an order just a few days ago, I would seriously consider getting the first one on the left from is such an amazing and stylish brand, but sadly their products are quite hard to find in the UK. Some of their most famous diaries also sell out long before the new year. How crazy is that? You can probably tell by now that my love for paper good is without a doubt out of control. Not ashamed to admit that I am a stationaryholic. Is that even a word??

Hope you enjoyed my selection or at least it has given you an idea what you would like to get in 2017.

Which one of the  planners do you like the most?
If you already bought yours, where did you get it from? Feel free to share a link!

**more information is available on hover. Please be aware that I get a small commission if you click on the links or make a purchase.